InvoiceNET® OnGO Mobile App

InvoiceNET® OnGO is cloud based inventory, Accounting & Reporting mobile App for InvoiceNET® ERP.  It can be used for GST Invoicing, Inventory and day-to-day accounting needs, various sales vouchers, such as Outward Supply – B2B, Outward Supply – B2C, Bill of Supply available or user can create their own sales vouchers as per their needs.



In addition to sales vouchers other voucher groups, such as Purchase, Receipts, Payments, Journal, etc. are also available. Invoice format/or any other print form can be customized and even user can add their company logo through the InvoiceNET® ERP form designer and it can be accessed through InvoiceNET® OnGO Mobile App. Different pricing options can also be created for a product in InvoiceNET® ERP and which can be accessed through the mobile app. As it stores data in the cloud, real-time data can be shared among different users. Various customized reports available in InvoiceNET® ERP are also available in InvoiceNET® OnGO mobile App. Users can share their print forms, such as TAX INVOICE or reports, through messaging apps such as WhatsApp or emailing apps such as Gmail.

a) Core Module available in InvoiceNET® OnGO Mobile App
  1. Voucher Entry: Sales, Purchase, Debit Note, Credit Note, Receipts, Payment Journal Etc.,
  2. Master Creation
  3. InvoiceNET® CRM
  4. InvoiceNET® Service
  5. InvoiceNET® Project Management
  6. Dashboard & Reports
  7. Attendance Punching
  8. Executive Location Tracking
b) Features of InvoiceNET® OnGO Mobile App
  1. Multi-Device Support:
  2. InvoiceNET® OnGO, as a cloud-based mobile app, enables multiple users to login into different devices from different locations to carry out their transactions. These transactions are available to other users in real-time.
  3. Role-Based Access:
  4. As InvoiceNET® OnGO supports multi-users, each user can assign their access rights to the system and hence it provides high-level data security.
  5. Multi Branch Operation
  6. InvoiceNET® OnGO supports multi-branch login. Each user can assign their branch(s) to operate. User can view/add data to the branch to which they got assigned.
  7. Customized print forms for various Vouchers, such as Outward Supply, Receipts, Payments, etc., are available which gives them a professional printing solution.
  8. Standard Voucher Groups:
  9. 5.1. Sales
    5.2. Purchase
    5.3. Debit Note
    5.4. Credit Note
    5.5. Receipts
    5.6. Payments
    5.7. Journal
    5.8. Material Issue
    5.9. Material Received
    5.10. Sales Order
    5.11. Purchase Order
    5.12. Damage
    5.13. Transfers
    5.14. Schedule
    This is just standard voucher groups. Various Voucher types are available such as Outward Supply – B2B and Outward Supply – B2C under the sales group. User can create their voucher types, under the voucher groups mentioned above, as per their requirements and its property can be defined and the print form can be designed in InvoiceNET® ERP form designer. These forms can be accessed through the mobile app.
  10. Customized Reporting Options:
  11. Customers can create their reports with the help of a service person in InvoiceNET® ERP Report designer, where the newly created reports can be accessed through the InvoiceNET® OnGO Mobile App.
  12. Any Print form such as Sale Invoice, Delivery Note, Receipts Payment Voucher, etc., can be shared through messaging apps such as WhatsApp or through any email app such as Gmail.
  13. Ledger Account, Daybook, Stock Reports, Purchase/Sales Registers and more than 100+ reports and the customized reports created for the users are all available through InvoiceNET® OnGO Mobile app.
  14. Linked Transaction:
  15. Linked transactions, such as converting Material Request into Quotation, Quotation into Purchase Order, Purchase Order into GRN, GRN into Purchase Invoice and Purchase Invoice to Payments, properties can be defined in InvoiceNET® ERP, which can be used through InvoiceNET® OnGO mobile app.
  16. Sharing Reports over WhatsApp or Email.
  17. Availability of Dashboard:
  18. InvoiceNET® customizable Dashboards offer a solution by condensing multiple reports down into visuals such as graphs, charts, tables and matrices and displaying those visuals on a single-page analytical dashboard allows business decision-makers to review significant amounts of valuable information at a glance. These dashboard items defined in InvoiceNET® ERP are also available in InvoiceNET® OnGO mobile App.
  19. Cloud access
  20. As the customer’s data is hosted in the cloud which provides the following advantages:
    12.1. Automatic Backup
    12.2. Security
    12.3. Scalability
    12.4. Mobility
    12.5. Reliability
    12.6. Cost-Effective
    12.7. High Speed
  21. InvoiceNET® CRM
  22. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the combination of practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal is to improve customer service relationships and assist in customer retention and drive sales growth. InvoiceNET® CRM is a cloud-based CRM available in InvoiceNET® ERP and InvoiceNET® OnGO mobile app. Reports, Dashboard and features can be fully customizable as per the end-user requirements. The core feature includes Lead Management, Lead Conversion, Leads stage management, follow-ups and Transactions, like sales, receipts, etc., against leads, sales force’s location tracking and many more.

    Reports & Dashboard features:
    Lead Register
    Leads by Source – Detailed
    Leads by Executive – Detailed
    Leads by Source – Summary
    Leads by Executive – Summary
    Follow up Register
    Follow up History
    Leads by Stage – Summary
    Leads by Stage – Detailed
    My follow-up List
    Pending follow-up List – All executive
    Non-Attending Leads
    Executives Location Tracking Report
    And, users customized reports and dashboard items.
  23. InvoiceNET® Service
  24. Employee Attendance Punching
  25. Employee Location Tracking
  26. Third-party integration through REST API
  27. Customization