Ledger Groups

Masters=>Ledger Groups

     Ledger groups can be defined as entities which bind together ledger accounts with similar accounting characteristics.


         OUTWARD SUPPLY GST 28% and OUTWARD SUPPLY GST 18% can come under Group Sales. 

       Ledger groups can be Primary or Sub. Grouping has a greater role in accounting. Efficient grouping provides easy access to final reports.

        Different Ledger groups can be created here and also several operations relating to that can be performed  like modify, delete, find etc…

  • Step 1
    • Click Masters=>Ledger Group to create, modify or delete ledger groups as shown Step 1 figure
  • Step 2
    • Now Ledger Group creation window is appeared as shown in Step 2 figure
  • Step 3
    • User have to fill the text boxes as shown in Step 3 figure
      •  Name=>Enter the new ledger group name here. It must be unique and compulsory
      • Description=>Enter ledger group description here if any
      • Primary Group=>Set ‘Y’ if it is main group. Otherwise set ‘N’
      • Under Group=>If primary group set to ‘N’, select main group name here by pressing space bar
      • Primary Group Category=>Select primary group category here by pressing space bar
      • Account Numbering Method for this group=>Select ledger code generation method here. Available options are System/Manual
      • If the  numbering method is set to ‘System’, you have to fill the following to generate automatic ledger code
        • Starting Number
        • Is prefil with zeors?
        • Number of digit to prefill zeros
        • Prefix
        • Sufix
        • Print Custom Group Code
        • Custom Group Code
    • After filling above text boxes, need to click save button to create a new ledger group