Std. Narrations

Masters=>Std. Narrations

       Standard Narrations can be defined for voucher. Specified standard narrations are displayed when press Ctrl+S at narration field during the particular transaction voucher type is entered.

  • Step 1
    • Click Masters=>Std. Narrations to create, modify or delete std. narrations as shown Step 1 figure 
  • Step 2
    • Now Std. Narrations creation window is appeared as shown in Step 2 figure 
  • Step 3
    • User have to fill the text boxes as shown in Step 3 figure
      • Voucher Type=>It specifies the type of voucher. Press space bar to select the voucher type.
      •  Narration=>It specifies the narration text for specified voucher type.
    • After filling above text boxes, need to click save button to create a new Std. Narrations